Simplicity Dispensary is where you find inspired edibles. Baked right next door, our tasty cannabis-infused treats are fresh and fantastic. We’re especially excited about our amazing cupcakes. Shop our menu of products developed in-house for full ingredient transparency, exciting flavors, and a versatile range of THC and CBD levels. We create artisan cannabis edibles with love and welcome locals and visitors aged 21+ to enjoy.

Chef-Made Edibles for Every Occasion

A brand new dispensary in North Grafton, MA & the surrounding areas, Simplicity Dispensary is locally owned and operated. Our shelves showcase baked goods as well as cannabis-infused beverages for holistic health, relaxation, energy boost, mellowing out, getting creative, and elevating the pleasure of life. You’ve seen one of our chefs featured on The Food Network, but you’ve never seen anything like our collection of cannabis goodies.


Taste the Simplicity Dispensary Difference

Let us make it easy to shop for the perfect indulgence, find familiar favorites, and discover something new. From selecting by potency, cannabinoids, terpenes, and mood, we cater to you. Even our services are designed for a smooth and satisfying start-to-finish process. Along with free parking and ATM on-site, we offer online browsing and ordering, in-store pick-up, delivery of our homemade edibles, and more. Choose Simplicity Dispensary for Cannabis Made Simple.

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The Intriguing Potential of Cannabichromene (CBC)

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