While there are hundreds of cannabis strains produced by thousands of cultivators across the country, not all of them grow quality flower. At Simplicity Dispensary, we make sure you’re shopping for safe, reliable, and exceptional buds. Browse our carefully curated selection to suit your personal body chemistry, preferences, and purposes. Discover unique characteristics and incredible potency; customize your choices with confidence.

Discover Your New Favorite Strain at Simplicity Dispensary

Our flower has been properly dried and cured. The green color, orange hairs, and plentiful amount of trichomes evidence a mature, well-pollinated plant. There are no contaminants, no seeds, very few sticks and stems and the texture falls right into that sweet spot between dry, wet, and sticky. We encourage you to take a nice, deep whiff. That fresh, dank scent means you’re in the presence of excellent weed.

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Organic and Craft Cannabis in North Grafton

Locally owned, we create the products we sell and put a great deal of love into each and every one. We are excited to share unique terpene profiles and the unmatched experience of traditional flower. Located in North Grafton, right near the commuter rail, with free parking, we’re a quick and valuable trip. When there’s little time to spare, we encourage online ordering or, we can even come to you with our helpful delivery service. At Simplicity Dispensary, we stand for Cannabis Made Simple.

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The Intriguing Potential of Cannabichromene (CBC)

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