We strive to make our extraordinary cannabis products readily available to North Grafton residents and visitors from out of town. Our selection is something special you won’t find anywhere else. Even when extra time is impossible to come by, we offer a quick and easy opportunity to enjoy our cannabis.

An Artisinal Cannabis Dispensary

Simplicity Dispensary includes in-store pickup. If you’re familiar with our in-house created selections, give us a call at (774) 549-3030 to place an order. For those who’d like the opportunity to browse, take advantage of online shopping and ordering. Either way, you can opt for in-store pickup and our dedicated staff will prepare your package. When you get here, you will enter the security kiosk to have your ID checked. You can use either a valid license or passport. After you’re validated you will be buzzed into the dispensary floor where a sales associate will process your order.

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Simplicity Dispensary is Cannabis Made Simple

Along with free parking and ATM on-site, Simplicity Dispensary provides an array of recreational cannabis options made by us. Infused beverages, delightful pre-rolls, vibrant flower, therapeutic balms, and plenty of CBD choices are just the beginning. You’re definitely going to be tempted by our cupcakes and tasty cannabis-infused edibles, baked right next door. Explore at your leisure and pick up in-store at your convenience. You’ll find Simplicity Dispensary right near the MBTA commuter rail.

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Unveiling CBG: The Hidden Gem of Cannabinoids

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What Is Live Rosin?

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