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The HighOnLove® customer is confident, diverse, creative and sex-positive. She is discerning and knows the value of mental and physical wellness. She is a fearless advocate for her own pleasure, whether single or in an intimate relationship, and values high quality in products she purchases.

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Root and Bloom

Root and Bloom growers are masters of their craft. Their extraction team are award-winning. Their leadership team is tried and tested. In such a new market, it feels good to have veterans at the helm. The result? Creative and imaginative extractions, more efficient growing techniques, unparalleled texture and flavor, and endless possibilities.


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Tower Three

Tower Three LLC is a Massachusetts-based cannabis company founded in 2018 that specializes in natural, organic weed. The company, which is among the premier producers of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts, is family owned and operated, with female and minority owners. The company headquarters in Taunton, Massachusetts includes a recently opened 12,000-square-foot facility to grow Tower Three‘s top-tier strains with premium genetics.

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Joy Organics

USDA-Certified Organic farms that only use the flower of the plant. Boasting supercritical CO2 extraction and an oil purification process for better taste and potency.

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